Our Approach

At the core of The Right Wei is the desire to generate Growth for our clients’ businesses. Be it to grow the brand, accelerating the capability of its people, fine tuning the efficiency of the organization and ultimately growing the bottom line, Growth is the driver for 3 main prongs of our consultancy.

Our process always begins with a detailed analysis of the industry of our client’s as well as an in-depth understanding of its business. Once both the client and ourselves come to a common understanding and consensus of the way moving forward, we will propose our approach which is derived from the analysis we have done. Our consultants are trained to help inject The RIght Wei’s entrepreneurial style into the organization as we believe all businesses will benefit if as many employees think and behave like entrepreneurs. This will make an organization not only more innovative but also more reactive to changes. This flow of the details and the execution by the right people to inculcate the entrepreneurial spirit is the core of what we do.

Our Process

We welcome every new challenge and hope to help our clients in the following areas of expertise.


Detailed Analysis – A systematic approach is required to drive growth with predictability. This requires the business to go down to the needs of the business itself and its consumers. The Right Wei utilises a process that uses deductive and analytical reasoning together with creative and inductive reasoning to gather new insights and strategies to unlock new horizons for businesses. The devil is in the details.



Entrepreneurship – Most innovations come from entrepreneurs. At The Right Wei, we started off as entrepreneurs and still believe till today that outcomes are the key to the sustainability to every business. We practice a performance ? based compensation that aligns our risk with that of our clients. If you win, we win.



People – To produce cutting edge ideas, we need to develop the people who produce such ideas. At The Right Wei, we are dedicated to drawing talent form diverse backgrounds and developing them in an open culture of debate backed up with systematic training by a specially designed curriculum. The success of every business lies in its people.